Сервопривод TURNIGY TGY-DM9 4.8-6V/8.8 кг./ 0.11 сек. (цифровой/ редуктор металл/ коллекторный мотор/ 25T)

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Категории: Сервоприводы


Turnigy digital servos give you the ultimate in precision and holding power for a variety of applications.

These robust servos feature tough, part alloy cases, coreless motors, and a metal gear train to provide efficient performance.

A complete mounting hardware package is included with the servo.

• High precision digital servo
• Coreless motor
• Metal gear train
• Partial alloy case
• Full hardware pack included

Torque: 7.9kg/cm (4.8V)~8.8kg/cm (6.0V)
Speed: 0.12sec/60deg (4.8V)~0.11sec/60deg (6.0V)
Voltage: 4.8~6.0V
Type: Digital
Gear Train: Titanium
Motor: Coreless
Plug: JR type
Size: 40 x 37.5 x 20mm
Weight: 63g
Spline Count: 25